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Xenri W

New Kaiseki Cuisine

Inspiration from centuries-old fine dining treats from Kyoto, and refined with contemporary touches. Xetnri presents gourmet culinary creations to evoke the senses of the discerning. This is the beginning of a sensory journey — an open invitation to savour the art of culinary harmony

This is the beginning of a sensory journey — an open invitation to savour the art of culinary harmony



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Effortlessly Stylish

Xenri provides a graceful and intimate dning experience, and offers gourmet new Kaiseki cuisine, fine wines and immaculate service.

The excitement of tranquility.

Culinary Artists At Work

Xenri is a paint canvas on which the chefs express their varied strokes, flavours, textures and colours to their cuisine. Activities in the kitchen are explorations of the freshnest and highest of quality to create taste and visual sensations.Deft Midas touch, elevating diners’experience

Cool, aromatic essence of smoldering wood, at your table.
Masterfully selected, prepared and sliced.



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In Living Colours

The ingredients used are as natural as bestowed by nature, as harmonious with the plate as can be, and as it should be.

Xenri’s cuisine is free from MSG, artificial colourings and preservatives, and uses pure H2O purified by the reverse osmosis (RO) system.

Invitation To Taste Art


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Men In Hats

Embracing inspirations from the guests, the chefs aspire to not only satiate their discerning appetites, but to feed the hearts and souls of these diners.

“We wish for our guests to not only feel that the food is good; they must enjoy themselves and be thoroughly comfortable with us.” – Executive Chef Thomas Chan